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Górna Półka is an innovative furniture store that allows you to create personalized custom-made furniture. Our mission is to help in organizing the space of the house with well-designed and accessible furniture. We also put care for the environment in the first place during the production process.


For years, we have been using the knowledge and experience of our carpenters, technologists and designers. We want to provide you beautiful and durable furniture, at the same time taking into account the current arrangement trends. All the products we offer come from our small production in Białystok.


Our adventure began with considering the needs of customers in Poland. We came to the conclusion that our compatriots do not have the opportunity to complete functional and stylish furniture for the hallway.




Elewatorska 29C/5 Street, 15-620 Bialystok


Helpline- +48 799 356 722

Opening hours

Monday - Friday: 8-16AM
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